Senses Working Overtime

I can relate to this a lot! The nervous system turned up too high. Everything is 10 times as intense as it needs to be. The world just needs a blanket thrown over it 😉💗

Inside The Rainbow

I’m hypersensitive.

It means that I experience the world in an overly-sensitive way both physically and emotionally.


For me, this means that I feel discomfort at the slightest touch – cue Five Starr with their MASSIVE shoulder pads. A hand on my arm can feel like a punch if I’m sensitised enough. Sometimes OH will touch my arm and I recoil as if I’ve been shot. I can see how this affects him but I’m unable to reassure him that it’s me, not him, because I struggle to verbalise how I feel.

I also can’t tolerate certain materials which are itchy and scratchy.

Aren’t they characters in the Simpsons?

Many of my clothes have ended up in charity bags due to them irritating the crap of me. Shoes, the same. I don’t like to feel as if I am wearing clothes, see. Sounds kinky, I know, but what I…

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Should I tell them?

Awesome post! I’ve found myself in pretty much the exact same situation, with the exact same thoughts and dilemmas. To disclose or not to disclose? That is the question, for there is no “undo” button once the cat is out of the bag. Excellent description of internal dialogue! I can relate 😘❤️

Yinin's Thoughts

Today it’s felt like the universe has been giving me a sign to tell my new work I have Asperger’s/Autism.

I woke up and checked my emails with my WordPress updates. One of the first posts I saw was this one, someone else’s description of talking about thier Asperger’s/Autism at thier work. I also saw this one, about the latest episode of The Good Doctor, and thought “hm, that might be a good conversation starter…”

Then I got to work. Someone finally commented on my fidget cube, but it was a customer, not a colleague.

I went upstairs and was making small talk with the cleaning lady and she mentioned that her son has Autism.

We did a personality quiz ahead of some training tomorrow and I really struggled because the questions were so nonsensical and ridiculous. Examples include “what do you like more about beach holidays: the…

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New Research Suggests Social Issues are Down to Neurotypicals more than Autistics

Terrific post! Very informative. Kinda puts things in perspective. 😊👍🏼💓

Intersectional Neurodiversity

colorful-brains-560 Picture by Joan M. Mas

Autism is seen, in popular representations, largely as a social and communication disorder. Formerly framed as stemming from an autistic lack of a “social instinct”, the current dominant idea is that something is deficient or missing in autistic social cognition. Often referred to as a cognitive deficit in “empathy” or “theory of mind”, much research on autistic social issues has focused on trying to clarify and detect this inside autistic brains and minds. The search for an elusive broken “theory of mind module” or “empathy mechanism” in the brain, and its ensuing cognitive manifestations, however, has led to conflicting results – with some scientists even concluding that autistic people feel too much empathy rather than too little.

Another view is that this is not simply an individual neuro-cognitive issue, but rather a wider social problem. Against the idea that autistic people have too much or…

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The Good Doctor Steps Forward. Now Let’s Take Another Step.

Although I have yet to see The Good Doctor, I really want to; I mean, it’s David Shore!  The same genius who created House MD!  But I’ve been reading a lot about it lately, enough to get the gist of what it’s all about, and this is probably one of the best write ups I’ve seen about this show.  And I love where this post goes next.  Thanks for writing this!  Wonderful post 👏🏼👏🏼💖

Cambria's Big Fat Autistic Blog

Now, I’ve had time to process the fact that “The Good Doctor” has taken a step forward: in the hiring of an actually autistic actor. To be blunt, he played the patient of the day. It’s really good, guys. I am happy you’ve hired somebody who has true insight into autism. The reason is this: a lot of people outside the autism spectrum get major tenets of autism wrong. For example, we’re still fighting the “No Empathy” stereotype even today and probably tomorrow. But I digress. Bravo, Good Doctor. 

What I am now waiting for is a series recurring or regular autistic actor, a la “Speechless.” Speechless has the Good Doctor beat in the series regular Micah Fowler, who of course plays J.J. DiMeo. Sure, he has trouble delivering his lines, but the character has built-in supports and more than enough nonverbal expression to carry himself around the obstacles…

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No therapy.

This, so much!!  I’ve carried this very sentiment over the past year.  Afraid to seek help because it might make it worse, not better.  A life of being not-believed, not-taken-seriously will do that.  This post perfectly sums up much of what’s been rolling around in my mind, too!  If you’re not alone and neither am I, then I reckon there are others out there feeling like this, too!  And yep, I think the People-Pleasing thing is a Thing.  Even if it hasn’t been “officially” acknowledged yet.  We’re just among the trailblazers is all! 😉🖐🏼🖐🏼💓💓

Y’all, this is one of the first Aspie/autistic female blogs I found, written by a wonderful person who is one of the first friends I made in the AS community. The whole blog is a must-read!! 😘❤️❤️

A is for ...

I haven’t seen a psychologist in over a year. And I don’t know that I’ll ever go back to seeing one because, frankly, they scare me. You’re given a ‘safe’ place to talk, but at your first session you’re told ‘rules’ e.g. what you say is confidential unless you’re at risk of hurting yourself or others, etc.

Using the above example as an example – I know myself that I’m not at risk of harming myself or others. I know it. But sometimes a dark thought or two crosses my mind. I don’t act on them, obviously. But the problem is I can’t know that by speaking them out loud is not enough of a reason for a psychologist to break confidentiality. I don’t feel I can give a psychologist the ‘whole story’, so I never really have. Matter of fact I take their CBT lessons and try to apply…

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Walking On Eggshells!

This is exactly how I feel much of the time!  You expressed it so well, so clearly.  My own irritation/”beefs” is/are not with individuals, but with the general, faceless masses, more the concepts and attitudes that seem to carry through–and persist in–society.  What gets unspokenly agreed upon.  Not by individuals, but as a whole.  Not people, but a milieu of ignorance, loudness, excesses, etc.  A mindset, in very general terms.  And yes, you’re not alone!  It annoys the crap out of me sometimes, too 😘.  I think I first recognized this when I was 7-9 years old.  Starting then, and ever since, people are in my way, whether physically or mentally.  Impeding me, “correcting” me, stifling me.  I always appreciate genuine helpful pointers and so on, but this is something different.  Hehe obviously your post resonated with me a whole lot (!).   Such a refreshing read! 👏👏👏💗

The Tee Shirt Blogger

tb,1200x1200,flat.2u2Walking On Eggshells!

It’s safe for me to say that this post is my personal opinion, and why should it not be? I wrote it – if anyone would know exactly what is going on in my head at the time of writing this post, it could only be me. So on that note, and without further ado, let me proceed – People annoy the crap out of me! Not everyone of course, but a large majority of them do, not individual persons, no, but en masse loads of individual’s together making up for a society of peoples – yes they do! I know l don’t stand alone in this belief – equally there are many people both on and off the spectrum of autism that feel this way! This design is therefore not specifically aimed at any one particular demograph but it is a generalised bemoaning of ‘people!’ who…

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The Truth Hurts (Violet)

“It especially hurts when you realize that no one tells the truth.”.  Yes! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼.  Preach it, Violet!  Great post, great blog! 💞

Serenity Rayne's Blog

The truth hurts.

It really does.

It especially hurts when you realize that no one tells the truth. Even if it’s just to act like we are okay when we really aren’t. Or when we tell someone what they want to hear. Sometimes we lie to get ourselves out of a sticky situation.

We might be dishonest to protect ourselves. It doesn’t have to be as extreme as someone putting a gun up to our head. It could just be telling that guy who is cornering you on the street that you have a boyfriend when you really don’t so he will leave you alone.

Sometimes our gut instinct tells us to do the very thing that people tell us not to do. We may feel like we are left with no choice. And not only that but we are a hypocritical bunch. What we condemn in others, is usually something we are doing ourselves…

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Why I love my tribe

Too good not to share!  This has been my experience (and that of so many others I’ve known) as well.  Well-written and right on! 👏👏👏👏❤️


A long time ago I didn’t have an autism diagnosis. I felt very alone, like I was the only person like me in the world. Some years later I gained a diagnosis of something called Asperger Syndrome which I thought meant I would be a social outcast forever. I interpreted the diagnosis – made in 1994 when there were very few services and less understanding of autism – as being a condemnation to eternal nerdiness and justification of everything the bullies at school said about me.  It took me another seven years to accept my diagnosis. I wrote a book about my life and still I felt isolated. Most of the autistic people I met were older men who liked technology and I didn’t feel lot of connection.

In 2009 I attended a conference as a speaker – my first autism conference. The topic was women and girls on the…

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Strength in pain

Brilliant post! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼.  The last sentence drives it home – “If we did not reach for the stars, if we did not look for the unseen or for the beauty in the people around us and appreciate what we have then we are no better than the beast of the field.” – yes, yes, and more Yes!! 💗💗

The Secret Aspie

Accepting pain from past relationships or the one you are in now is not something anyone enjoys but it is being able to process that pain. Why we feel that pain that is our strength. It is also the realisation that we all have the capacity to be good or bad. That every  choice we make when it comes to our connections with others has consequences. We are very much ruled by our emotions, our connections with the people around us. 

A single sentence can change someone’s life forever or remind them that there is more to us than the mundane. 

If we did not reach for the stars, if we did not look for the unseen or for the beauty in the people around us and appreciate what we have then we are no better than the beast of the field.  


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Autism Professionals Hijacking My Thoughts

Yes, this!  “NT Autism professionals think their tools and strategies work, there’s very often an idea that the less autistic the person appear, the more they can claim success.”  Nailed it 👍👍🌺

the uninspirational

As a parent to an autistic kid, I read a lot about different strategies to make the world more accessible to my kid. About different ways of meeting sensory needs, create predictability and giving my kid the best possible opportunity to understand the world. To relieve stress and create recovery time. As much as possible, I read about autistic people’s experiences, needs and ways of meeting those needs, but sometimes I read something from an autism professional who isn’t autistic, or isn’t writing from an autistic point of view. And I hate it.

Not because all of it is totally bad, but because most of the times, the values permeating it are horrible. Besides from not working the way these NT autism professionals think their tools and strategies work, there’s very often an idea that the less autistic the person appear, the more they can claim success. As an autistic…

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