Asperger’s Syndrome’s missing trait

I, too, have always felt different from those around me, beginning around the time I started Montessori school at age 3. This feeling only intensified when I was 5, when 1) I started (my first year of) kindergarten and 2) my sister was born (both were obviously major events and they occurred within 3 weeks of each other). I felt very much like an outsider whom nobody understood. Even though I’m currently 40 years old, that sense of “outsider otherness” persists, especially when getting together with extended family or going to a professional conference. Rarely do I feel like I fit in, and even more rarely do I ever feel understood, at least outside of the Asperger’s/autistic community. Thank you so much for writing this beautiful piece and helping me feel less alone. ❤

Seventh Voice

best-life-quote_325404-4 There are many websites, blogs and books that provide lists of traits that are purportedly said to be the common signs of Asperger’s Syndrome in Females.

However, each and every one of these lists has a tendency to focus exclusively on the outward signs of Asperger’s Syndrome in women.

Signs like:

‘difficulties with social interaction’,

‘dislike of small talk’,

‘poor co-ordination’,

‘fixation on special interests’,

‘preference for spending time alone’

I‘m sure by now we are all nauseatingly familiar with the above list of symptoms.

Perhaps we’ve even become so familiar with these lists that we’ve stopped looking for the traits that have been missed.

Well here’s a trait that continues to remain unlisted, although I cannot for the life of me understand why this should be so, as it is a trait that has been mentioned over and over again, by every woman with Asperger’s Syndrome that I’ve ever…

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