Hot and cold

Such a lovely post!  I can relate very much.  I’ve started using similar terminology (“my autism”).  Such a great read, as always! 👏🏼👏🏼😘❤️


This morning I was thinking about ‘my autism’. If say me and Bear were diagnosed at around the same time and I wanted to ‘come out’. I’m using the phrase ‘my autism’ because no two autistic people have the same autistic profile.

So how would I explain my autism to people? Well on the whole, I function. I get tired a bit quicker than most, I might look at you funny if I haven’t quite got the gist of something that has been said, I might ask questions for clarification, I might get a bit flustered from time to time. But mostly, I will be hot and cold. It’s true. Someone once said to a mutual friend whilst I was at university that they never knew if I liked them because I ran hot and cold. This is completely true. Some days I am shy, quiet, others I am much…

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