I Fear for My Fellow Autistic People: On Media Misrepresentation

This is just an all-around great post.  Every point is so spot-on.  I believe that all children, including those on the spectrum, have the right to an open future (for example, a future free of being searchable on the internet), the right to an anonymous childhood, with all of the privacy rights and dignity of anyone else.  You’re absolutely right, there are *real* consequences for failing to do this.  All humans are entitled to certain basic civil and human rights. 🙂  Superb post ❤

Paginated Thoughts

Recently, a piece appeared ina major news outlet. The main premise of the article described a mother’s fear that her autistic teenage son will kill her, her other son’s wish that his brother would die, and the lack of respite services where she lives. It was a very personal piece. This article more than irks me; it plays into very dangerous stereotypes. It plays into the idea that autistic people are inherently dangerous, that we are burdens. And dangerousstereotypes in the media, whether in fiction or opinion pieces or livetweeting an autistic person’s meltdowns have real life consequences.  

First, let’s talk about autism and violence.

Autistic people have many dangerous stereotypes about violence, particularly mass shootings (the idea that we are likely to be perpetrators) surrounding us; the mass shooting one is false. However, when individually aggressive, we usually have an outside stressor. When I was…

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