A Spectrum of Color

Incredible piece!  Autistic people write the best poetry I’ve ever seen, and this is an utterly amazing one 🤝💟💫

So Much Stranger, So Much Darker, So Much Madder, So Much Better

There is no end to the spectrum

Nor a beginning or a middle

There is no more or less

Only autistic

The spectrum is a sphere

One to which we all belong

A circle of autism that exists

Outside the realm of the neurotypical

Each our own beautiful shade

A unique mix of autistic traits

All varying hues and colors

On the wheel of autism

It is a spectrum of color

One blending into the next

A shared heartbeat

That drives us forward

We, the autistics

Cannot be divided

By your arbitrary lines

Or your terms of functioning

We are united together

By shared experience and love

A community of the outsiders

Come together in kinship

The spectrum has no end

Nor beginning nor middle

It is a rainbow infinity sign

Uniting us as autistic

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Laina Eartharcher

Feet on the ground, eyes toward the sky.

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