Autistic Moments: Autistics Should Be Sterilized

Way to go, girl!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼.  I love this!  A comeback against ignorance, very well-written 😘❤️

Some Girl with a Braid

Recently, I encountered an ‘Autism Mom’ who wrote that she thinks her son shouldn’t be allowed to reproduce. She uses these words: “I am still deeply worried about the idea that he could get someone pregnant and yet could never be a real father – which is why I will insist on having medical power of attorney, so that I will be able to make the decision about a vasectomy for him after he turns 18.” This is Judith Newman, author of ‘To Siri with Love’. (Updated)

According to a New York Times review, she advocates, in fact, for (implied non-voluntary/forced) vasectomies for all autistic men. I’m not sure if she assumes autistic women only have sex with autistic men (in case she reads this and doesn’t know, we are not a separate species incapable of reproducing with neurotypicals), or if she thinks that I too should be sterilized, but…

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A Day at Work with Asperger’s

Good perspective!  I really enjoyed reading this 😊💚💙

An Intense World

I think it is important that neurotypical people understand how we on the spectrum experience the world.

I’m a substitute teacher and one day last year I went to a high school I would often sub at. When I arrived, they did not give me the class for which I signed up, but had me help in the counselor’s office.

For most people, I suppose, being reassigned when you show up isn’t a big deal. But it is for me. When I saw the fact that I was assigned something other than that which I had chosen, I felt a wave of dread and anxiety. I cannot stand for my expectations not to be met and I do not like things being changed at the last minute. If you want to put me in a bad mood and make me uncommunicative, that’s a great way to do it.

What was…

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Positively Autistic: A List of (Positive) Autistic Traits

Googling “Asperger’s/autism positive traits” was one of the first things I did when I first suspected I might be on the spectrum, and I’m really glad I did!  This post didn’t exist yet, unfortunately, but it’s even more extensive than the ones I first came across!  I can’t not share this 😄👍🖐🏼💗☮️

So Much Stranger, So Much Darker, So Much Madder, So Much Better

Sometimes it’s hard to feel positive about being autistic when so much of the presentation of autism focuses on our deficits. In a world that tells us all the ways we are “wrong”, I think it’s important to look at the many ways we are awesome.

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Left Alone With You

An absolute gem of a piece, from the very person who inspired the idea to start this blog.  Omg, beautiful!

Musings Of An Autistic Mind

light takes off

into the abyss of memory

dusk and dawn forget how to behave

and I’m left alone with you

skin shivering from the warmth

radiating from our veins

deep green eyes

are the lighthouse to the end

of loneliness with you

fresh scars spill old blood

bonding ties become undone

and bruises never tasted so sweet

as I’m left alone with you

pumpkin flavored breath

seduces the fabric of my being

I’ve fallen for another

as I’m left alone

with you

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How I Found Out I was an Aspie

Very interesting post! 👏🏼👍🏼😊.  I’m always interested to hear how people find out they’re Aspies/autistic, especially those who found out as adults.  This is a fascinating illustration 😊💝💝


During my childhood, my parents often commented that I was ‘born awkward, and awkward ever since’. I was a firstborn, so they had no prior experience of raising a son. I wasn’t failing so badly in school that I ever had to see a psychologist, although my Mum despaired of ever persuading me to play with other children. They never thought I might have a condition with a clinical label, though Asperger’s wasn’t so well known in the 1980s.

Looking back, it explains a lot. School playtimes were a nightmare in primary school. Often I would just walk forlornly around the edges of the yard, kicking up the dirt; sometimes I would go and tell appalling puns to the teacher on yard duty. I simply didn’t know what to do during playtime, and didn’t particularly want to join in any schoolyard games that seemed remotely rough.

Secondary School was a…

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But, you don’t look it!

Ok I just found this blog today, and it’s fabulous!  This post says it all 👏👏👏💟

The Uncultured Anthropologist

I don’t look like many things. I don’t look queer. I don’t look like I’m autistic. I don’t look like I struggle with depression and suicidal ideation – I don’t look like I have a chocolate addiction. I don’t look like I have social anxiety. Hell, I don’t even look like my name.

I get it. Words invoke ideas. The reality you see might not necessarily match the idea of that reality in your mind. Your idea of the idea I just told you is my reality!

I’ve spent several years trying to figure out what to say in response when I’m told I don’t look like something I identify as or with. Unfortunately, I figure out the right response about twenty-five hundred years after it’s appropriate to perform a mic-drop, so I’ll just gape at you and smile stupidly when you say I don’t look like the thing…

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Should I tell them?

Awesome post!  I’ve found myself in pretty much the exact same situation, with the exact same thoughts and dilemmas.  To disclose or not to disclose?  That is the question, for there is no “undo” button once the cat is out of the bag.  Excellent description of internal dialogue!   I can relate 😘❤️

Yinin's Thoughts

Today it’s felt like the universe has been giving me a sign to tell my new work I have Asperger’s/Autism.

I woke up and checked my emails with my WordPress updates. One of the first posts I saw was this one, someone else’s description of talking about thier Asperger’s/Autism at thier work. I also saw this one, about the latest episode of The Good Doctor, and thought “hm, that might be a good conversation starter…”

Then I got to work. Someone finally commented on my fidget cube, but it was a customer, not a colleague.

I went upstairs and was making small talk with the cleaning lady and she mentioned that her son has Autism.

We did a personality quiz ahead of some training tomorrow and I really struggled because the questions were so nonsensical and ridiculous. Examples include “what do you like more about beach holidays: the…

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