Should I tell them?

Awesome post!  I’ve found myself in pretty much the exact same situation, with the exact same thoughts and dilemmas.  To disclose or not to disclose?  That is the question, for there is no “undo” button once the cat is out of the bag.  Excellent description of internal dialogue!   I can relate 😘❤️

Yinin's Thoughts

Today it’s felt like the universe has been giving me a sign to tell my new work I have Asperger’s/Autism.

I woke up and checked my emails with my WordPress updates. One of the first posts I saw was this one, someone else’s description of talking about thier Asperger’s/Autism at thier work. I also saw this one, about the latest episode of The Good Doctor, and thought “hm, that might be a good conversation starter…”

Then I got to work. Someone finally commented on my fidget cube, but it was a customer, not a colleague.

I went upstairs and was making small talk with the cleaning lady and she mentioned that her son has Autism.

We did a personality quiz ahead of some training tomorrow and I really struggled because the questions were so nonsensical and ridiculous. Examples include “what do you like more about beach holidays: the…

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