Fixing #ToSiriWithLove

Very, very brilliant post, by a very, very brilliant blog-writer! 🙂 I’ve not been on Twitter much (I’ve found it way too triggering, doing more harm to me than good for me), and some of that is due to the presence of issues exactly like this. Not the backlash from the lovely #actuallyautistic peeps, of course–but the presence–and *persistence*–of books and underlying sentiments like this. The author of the book says something along the lines of, “you can’t criticize that which you haven’t read”, and there might be some truth to that, but on the other hand, one doesn’t have to read (yet *another*) account of an autism-critical NT lamenting about their child and actually-autistic people and autism itself, to get the general gist of the book. It’s yet another book in which the author criticizes that which they do not understand (and aren’t necessarily trying to understand). In a way, the author and her co-defendants are doing exactly what she’s/they’re criticizing *us* for >:(. And of course, she was given the book deal and will benefit financially from this, while autistic people often struggle to make ends meet and have a much smaller audience for their own books. It’s interesting how the autism biographers get more attention than the autistic autobiographers! But I’m rambling now 😉 /end rant ❤ Great post!!! ❤ ❤

Just Under Your Radar

smiling and frowning faces

I’m feeling a bit shaky, as I’m typing this. I’ve been going through my Twitter feed, and there’s a whole lot I’m seeing about this … er… problematic book called “To Siri With Love”. I first heard about it a few days back, when a bit of a Twitter tussle happened between the author and #ActuallyAutistic folks. I noted the arguments on each side. I downloaded the free excerpt (I think it’s the first chapter?) and read a bit of it. It was tough to read, so I stepped away from that and did other things to settle my nerves.

Now I’m back considering the book. I got a copy from the library (I’m not going to buy it), and I downloaded an audiobook version from my monthly read/listen service. And I’m going to force myself to wade through it — specifically for the purpose of fixing the parts that…

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