Empathy and autism: autistics don’t lack it, you probably do.

Very well said!!  Healthcare professionals, please please take note!! ❤️❤️

becca leah holden

This post is aimed at all of the nurses, doctors, teachers, work colleagues, family members, customers, friends, taxi drivers, music venue staff, bank managers (lol) etc whom I’ve come into contact with, had it explained to them that I am autistic or that I (as we referred to it before I was diagnosed) “struggled”, and yet still failed to attempt to make accommodations for how this effects me in absolutely everything I do.

It’ll also hopefully help to educate whoever reads this about some of the characteristics of an autistic; these won’t necessarily apply to all of us, because there isn’t really a neat little box that we all fit into. We do, however, tend to share several of the same characteristics, so it might help you to be more aware of them if you ever come across someone in your life who is on the spectrum.

I don’t hide…

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