Autism Is Not An Intellectual Disability

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Portrait of Albert Einstein Evidence suggests 62% of autistic people have normal to superior intelligence. Although itโ€™s too late to give Einstein a formal diagnosis, biographical evidence strongly suggests he was autistic. Image Credit: Pixabay

Iโ€™m wondering how common it may be for people to misunderstand autism as some form of intellectual disability. To the extent that someone were to misunderstand autism in this way, we might predict that he or she would find it hard to believe that a given autistic person actually has any sort of disability at all, given the lack of an intellectual one.

I suppose the argument would look something like, โ€œMr. Autistickish may have autism, but he clearly does not have any sort of intellectual disability, therefore heโ€™s not disabled.โ€ Such a conclusion may seem especially warranted if the skeptic believes the commonly held false beliefย that mere intellectual prowess (a.k.a. โ€œintelligenceโ€) โ€” is the beginning and endโ€ฆ

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