“Er, excuse me?…” Asking for help

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One thing I say every time I give a presentation on mental health and autism  is how important it is to be able to ask for help when you need it. It is such an important part of maintaining health and wellbeing but is often an incredibly difficult thing for many us to do.

I have spent most of my life as a stoic – not even thinking that asking for help was an option, even when I was in dire circumstances. I didn’t give it much thought, I simply didn’t put my hand up for assistance from friends or family or health professionals or others whose job it is to take care of people. Sadly, while some of this was due to my base level of stoicism, I also had a number of experiences where health professionals had not exercised their duty of care to me. This would put…

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Meltdown Videos of Autistic Children – Awareness or Exploitation?

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Neurodivergent Rebel

They’re not hard to find. You can dig them up on blogs, Youtube and even the news with a quick Google search – disturbing videos of autistic children in distress, while parents film.

Viral sympathy videos could quickly be viewed all over the world. Once a video is out there it is forever. The consequences of this are not always immediately aparent, but can be lifelong, impacting relationships with peers (kids are mean and bullies could easily use this footage), future employers, and others.

What is a meltdown? It looks a LOT like a tantrum, but there is a big difference. Tantrums are intended to manipulate a situation while meltdowns happen because of overload, often resulting in a loss of control for the autistic person. The brain has had too much, things have been building for a while and now the person in front of you can take no more…

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On meltdowns

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The Misadventures of Mama Pineapple

The other day, someone on Twitter – an autistic person who doesn’t experience them – asked me what it feels like to have a meltdown. It’s not a subject I especially like talking about – I’ve attempted to write about it several times on this blog, got frustrated, and given up.

This past week, I had one of the most distressing, disorientating, debilitating meltdowns I’ve had for quite some years. Three days after it happened, I’m still exhausted. But the immediacy and severity of this recent experience gave me the language to tweet a thread about how it feels (for me at least), and it appeared to be something others found useful, so I’m expanding that string of tweets here, so it may reach a wider audience.

Bear in mind here, every autistic person’s experience is different. The following words do, however, give an illustration of what a meltdown is…

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Hermione Granger: ASD or not ASD ?

Yes! I’ve been having this internal dialogue about this very topic right now. (I’m reading the Harry Potter series for the first time and loving it!). Lol 😁 Hermoine rules 👍🏼👏🏼💗


This is a piece that I have been waiting to write for quite a while and it has taken a decent bit of work and research. I am going to persuade you, whether you read my stuff often or if you are reading this as a one-off because of the topic, that Hermione Jean Granger is autistic.

I often get complaints when I bring this up that Hermione is ‘too social,’ or that ‘Hermione can’t be autistic because she is based on J.K.Rowling and she isn’t autistic’. I often feel these people fit into four categories:

  1. They honestly have just never considered Hermione as autistic, just as some have never considered her black, it’s just a different way of reading but it isn’t necessarily wrong or right.
  2. They only know the Hermione from the film series, which make her a little too flawless and show her as a bit of…

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Autism Acceptance Months II – Luke Beardon Joins The Fray

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Yesterday I was inspired by a wonderful piece of work done by Jennifer Lisi to create a blog post titled “Autism Acceptance Months“. Well I was not alone in being inspired by it, and I now share with you a post created by Luke Beardon titled “Inspired by Jennifer Lisi“. Because this is a pure sharing post I am closing it for comments – to comment please visit Luke’s post, linked to above and in the next section.


Below is the opening of the post, and a screenshot showing a bit more of it:

Are you aware that there are moons and stars?
Are you aware that there is a theory of relativity?
Are you aware of the music of Mozart?
Are you aware that cars have engines?
Are you aware that houses need careful planning when built so they don’t…

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Can You Relate?

Why, yes I can! Sooooo awesome to know I’m not alone, and probably, neither are any of us 😊👏🏼❤️

Stim the Line

I run my hands over something soft

Something bumpy, something smooth

There’s no describing how good it feels

Can you relate to that?

I’m in a place that’s much too crowded

Too much noise, too much light

My senses hurt me, overwhelmed

Can you relate to that?

Engaging with my favorite things

Special Interests, special joy

Makes me want to jump and flap

Can you relate to that?

Talking to people I do not know

Try to smile, try to listen

Being polite is a social requirement

Can you relate to that?

Accepting that I’m a bit different

Always have been, always will

I’m starting to love who I am

Can you relate to that?

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The Aspergirl’s Survival Guide: A Day of Self-Care for Valentine’s Day

Awesome tips here! Very practical and easy. Great read 😊❤️

The Asian Aspergirl

Once again, it’s that time of year where couples make plans to do something special for each other, and that time of year in which those who are single lament their non-existent love lives or decide to celebrate another year of being single with other singles. Yes, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner; and this year’s Valentine’s will be a little bit weirder for Catholics as Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent for this year, falls on Valentine’s Day.

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