Backing yourself.

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A is for ...

A couple of days ago I attended a conference with 120 other women. There were 6 keynote speakers talking about their lives; about how they got to where they are now, the trials they faced, etc. I really enjoyed it. Unfortunately by the last speaker I was struggling to stay awake, a 2 hour journey there and 5 hours worth of listening had taken its toll. But, I went.

This was a big deal for me. Huge deal, as a matter of fact. Why? Because I went by myself. I got on a bus with 30 other ladies I didn’t know, sat with 120 ladies at the conference I didn’t know. Got a selfie with one of the speakers. Bumbled my way through small talk in the breaks. I have never done anything like that before by myself. And even though I was absolutely exhausted by the end of…

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Empathy and autism: feeling too much and how friends & family can help

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A Magical Aspie

I want to talk about empathy because I know the public perception is that people with autism don’t have empathy. In fact quite a few people told me they were surprised that I had been diagnosed because their perception was that I was over-empathetic. Well…being over-empathetic is actually often a trait of those on the autism spectrum! I’ll try to explain how I experience empathy and emotions, and how others can help.


The first thing you need to know is it’s connected to something called Theory of Mind. Theory of mind is knowing that you are separate to other people, and that other people have their own different intentions and thoughts and emotions, which are different to the intentions and thoughts you have. It’s something all non-autistic people pick up naturally, even at a young age. But it’s something that autistic people struggle with all their life. It’s why…

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My Autism Diagnosis Story: (And 1 year Anniversary)

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SAspie Blog

This entry is rather lengthy and more than less talks about a few events leading up to my diagnosis rather than the actual diagnosis itself. I did not feel that I should have to explain why I am autistic. Also, I thought this would be a nice way to commemorate my one year of being aware of my autism.

A year ago this month, I was diagnosed with high functioning autism. It was such an amazing revelation. For years I thought that my being different was just some misconstrued idea in my head built purely out of low self esteem. I genuinely thought that I was bad a socializing because I was fat- not because I had an a atypical brain.

Starting the second half of my freshman year, I had developed a lot of mental health issues. I felt on edge all of the time. I was depressed, but…

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4 Feelings That Suck

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Stim the Line

Sometimes you just feel like crap. Such is the human experience. I think that the goal of life should be making sure that good things are the majority, and the crappy things are the minority. But even if your life is mostly good, even if your feelings are largely positive- some of them still suck.

This post isn’t about changing these feeling. That’s a totally different post. This is just acknowledging that feeling like this are real, they exist, and that they are universal.

Plus, I find screaming into the void to be very therapeutic sometimes.

1. Getting lost: Realizing that you’re lost immediately turns you back into a 5 year old. All of a sudden, everything around you is 10 times taller and you’ve shrunk like Alice after she drank that potion. I get lost a lot. I’m not ashamed to admit it. Between having a terrible internal compass…

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