An Autistic Woman

Yet another wonderful post by Rhi, one of my favorite autistic bloggers, with whom I can identify so much 💗💗

Autism and Expectations

What is it about being a woman that makes me happy? I don’t know if I can answer that. Being a woman just is. It carries some burdens and some joys.

I’ve spoken about Bras before (Link here), and how much I loathe them, I’m not sure I’ve really written much about my experience of being an autistic woman, perhaps the time has come.

I grew up wild. A farmer’s daughter with hundreds of acres of mountainside as my playground. I spent my days with muddy knees, riding my bike with a stick as a gun, or hunting through rusty old farm tools to find treasure – metalwork bent into a pleasing shape, a long-abandoned tool, so many treasures.

I would run, surefooted, along high walls, battling pirates and orcs. My writing reflected my play; punctuation had no place in the stories I wrote. They stretched on…

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The Emperors New Clothes

Another exceptional post from a talented friend that expresses everything I’ve experienced so brilliantly 😊💖

the asperger path

The repetition is the hard part. You would have thought I would realise by now but that pattern hits me like an abstract every time.

I’m not feeling sorry for myself. I’m bemused. A clever little sausage like myself takes pride in his intellect. I can solve puzzles, identify trends and, ironically see the patterns where others see the chaos. It’s a gift.

But not within me. I am a riddle to myself. I have the enigma code embedded in my DNA and I cannot crack it. This means that time again I am taken by surprise.

Once I got my diagnosis I thought everything would improve. I could solve myself, learn what was expected, and develop an algorithm for living life. I can’t.

People want me to lie. They want me to not point things out. They want a celebration of success that refuses to see the shortcomings. Well…

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Autism Awareceptance

I love this 😊💗

Dream Walden

Autism Awareceptance from one Chinese/Asian autistic perspective

I’m calling it Autism Awareceptance for convenience and to be inclusive because I think both awareness and acceptance are important (although personally, I prefer the term autism enlightenment). In this post, I will talk about both awareness and acceptance, from one Chinese/Asian autistic perspective. These are my own views and do not necessarily represent others on the spectrum.


Some say it is not helpful to talk about awareness but as with other discussion on terminology, that comes down to how one defines the word. I talk about autism awareness, firstly because awareness encompass knowledge and understanding. If you have heard of autism but doesn’t know or understand what it means, that isn’t awareness. Secondly, the West has seen an increase in research and developments on autism (whether that amounts to awareness is another issue). However, autism remains an understudied area in Chinese…

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