Time to Take the Mask Off – #TakeTheMaskOff

Yes! Even before I found out that I’m AS, I actually expressed preparing to meet with people as having to be “on”. This post is so spot-on it’s not even funny 😊👏🏼👏🏼❣

Neurodivergent Rebel

I’ve been a combination of at least two or more people for almost as long as I can remember. There was never a decision to craft a mask. It all started when I was very young. In school, and at other people’s houses, I was one person. Upon returning to the safety our home the mask would fall off and I would become someone else – my most natural and unmasked self.


Most people mask to fit in better or in order to conform to social norms, but autistic masking is different. It often requires great focus and concentration as the autistic person works in overdrive, working to compensate in areas that are much less problematic for non-autistic individuals.

Masking can be a tool, used to get an autistic person through difficult situations. Nearly everyone masks to some degree. I tend to compartmentalize things. Growing up I had the “school…

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