Being trapped in an autistic mind.

Although not written by an actually-AS person, I felt that this post was more than worth sharing. Here is a fantastic parent who’s helping to turn the tide in the right direction and amplify our voices, urging the world at large to look deeper and exercise compassion. Bravo! Awesome read 👍👍💜💙



I was just thinking about autism in general and how we call it a spectrum. A range of traits that differ in severity. We picture the ‘severely autistic’ person who cannot communicate in the way the majority do. They cannot talk and are trapped behind sensory processing and brain processing impairments. There is a soul in the body, having an experience on Earth, but that soul is helpless to communicate what it is thinking inside. It is trapped.

Also on the spectrum, is a high functioning autistic human being. They can function in a world that is set up for neuro typical humans, but they have inner worlds that are rarely seen by those neuro typical people because again, the communication wires are not on the same frequency, so a lot goes un noticed or undervalued or unacepted. Lost in translation.

There is a wonderful writer whose blog I have…

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