Diagnosis Story 10: I wasn’t prepared for being called disabled

Yep, I agree 👏 That concept threw me for a loop, too, and after flirting with it briefly I ultimately rejected it in part. I’ll go as far as to say “social disability”, but for me, that’s it 💜💙

Aspergers From The Inside

Today’s story is from Saskia in Germany. She found her ‘brain family’ online before seeking an official diagnosis.

“When he finally gave me the diagnosis, I felt relieved, but when he started talking about disability, I started crying because I wasn’t prepared for being called disabled.”

DSC_0539-saskia.jpg One of my special interests is making my own cosmetics. My living room looks like a science lab!

Saskia’s Story:
Hi, my name is Saskia and I grew up in Cologne, Germany. I’m 24 now and I

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Social Currency – Friendship … yes, but no, but yes, but no, no, no!

If social customs were confusing to me before, social media only makes it more so now. Great read 👍💚💙

A Guy Called Bloke


Friendship … yes, but no, but yes, but no, no, no! 2

I have friends on Facebook, many of which l have met in real life and some of which l have known for quite a few years. But more or less none of them have l ever spent quality time socialising with on a regular basis. I am not saying l haven’t socialised, just not with any kind of frequency. I talk with them via social media notably FB. And l am happier that way, it is less stressful and in many ways, way less boring!

Despite this, l still don’t fully understand the whole concept and in the last year or so, l have given up trying to comprehend what it all means. I don’t have any close friends from my school years or from my days in college. I have not carried any friends from my first…

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Autism: Independent Living

So true 💗 I thought I was living independently; it turns out that I’m not. My partner is essentially my caregiver, picking up where I have to leave off. And I have to leave off much more than I realized. Excellent post here 👏


While I have not been posting on my blog site often in recent months, it isn’t as if I have stopped writing altogether (as if that would ever be possible!)

Several months ago, right after I had struggled in getting my vision testing done, I did a Google search on what to do when vision testing doesn’t work for you.  I came up with the site “Quora,” and have been answering questions on there ever since.

For example, the question from this morning was:  “Can adults with Autism live independently without support?”

So I answered it:

Some might be able to. It really depends on many factors.

I, for instance, am what would be considered to be “high-functioning.” I have an average or above IQ, am (sometimes) verbal, can read, write, completed college with honours, have held a job for months, even years at a time…


I have a…

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I agree 👏💜


I have Autism.  Neurodiversity resonates with me in particular.  The following definition came from the site for The National Symposium on Neurodiversity at Syracuse University.  I met a woman in a store with Tourette Syndrome.  The clerks were keeping their distance from her and other customers were staring from the loud noise that she was making.

I went up and spoke with her.  She was extremely nice and as she spoke and made the loud sounds, she kept apologizing.  She was clearly embarrassed.  There should be no reason to make her feel embarrased.  She can’t control the events.  Sadly, many people are not educated on what it means to have Tourette Syndrom.  I feel that more education on Neurodiversity is critical.   Do you know someone with a condition that should be more tolerated?

“Neurodiversity is a concept where neurological differences are to be recognized and respected as any other human variation. These…

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What it’s like to be autistic in jail

Some important info on an important topic 💞 Unfortunately no one is immune. Reader discretion advised, but this is a really great post 😊

native of nowhere


We are now accustomed to seeing people of color suffering at the hands of ill-applied policing techniques on the nightly news. A lot of us are still trying to process incidents like these and others are actively defensive on behalf of the blue lives in our communities. However, we seem unable to see police mistakes and misconduct through any lens other than race in America at the moment, and that’s leaving out entire vulnerable populations who might not be people of color or people of color who are targeted for reasons other than (and including) race.

[PLEASE NOTE: I am NOT saying that we should stop looking at policing through the lens of race, but we do need to add other at-risk types of people to the conversation who keep suffering at the hands of law enforcement and the criminal justice system. I am also NOT anti-cop or unaware of…

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Trouble in Social Land

Yes. This 🙌🙌🏆


I wonder if all people have a need to be seen?
Whilst at the same time,
Wanting to hide,
What do others feel,
When they are getting a compliment?

I feel nothing,
I hear the statement,
“I really appreciate your input on that”,
Or something some-such,
And maybe I will acknowledge it,
With a smile,
Or a bit of a head bow,
Or with a few words,
“You’re welcome”,
“It’s fine”,
Or, “no problem”.
There are times though, when I do nothing,
Because I feel blank,
And I don’t want to expend the energy,
So what is there to react to?

By saying nothing,
By doing nothing,
I am being myself,
I am being congruent,
But I know,
That is not what the social rules dictate,
The rubric says I should reply,
But on what basis?
I think I am suppose to feel gratitude?
Or feel appreciated?

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Mask or Me?

A very lovely post! I’ve given this some thought as well, although the ones expressed here are beautifully stated 🙌💓🌈

Counting the Ways

There has been a bit of a buzz on the internet this month about ‘taking the mask off’. There is even a hashtag #takethemaskoff. I have read a couple of posts about it. And I have been thinking about my own situation. Do I mask? I would say, of course I do. I call it ‘putting on my public face’. I don’t know for how long I have been doing it, but at least since my teens. I remember coming back from parties or other social occasions, and my face would literally hurt with muscle fatigue, because I had forced it into appropriate expressions for hours. These days it manifests more in a painful, tense jaw. But the principle remains, I have to take control of my face when facing other people and hope the expression I present is acceptable and correct for the situation. ‘Arrange your face’, says Richard…

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Evolution of Eve | Autistics Recognized as an Ethnic Minority

This is awesome! Cool progress 👏🙌🤗❣️

International Badass Activists



Updated again. Anyone else?

Updated the headline after some in-depth conversations about race, ethnicity and identity.

Autistics are a minority. This term seems to be more specific to intent and better description than the word race.

It has come to my attention that the Autistics have a sub-group of folks who believe in elitism. Hence, why they wanted to be recognized as a race. At least that is my understanding.

I really don’t understand the concept of Autistic elitism. We’re facing so much need as a community and people – housing, poverty, abuse, lack of care, stability and no workplace supports .  We have community issues that need addressed.

That is the goal here. It starts with getting peers at the table and the opportunity to be heard. And keeping community fundraiser dollars local to support our people now.

This is about hope for better quality of lives, acceptance…

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