Isn’t This Asking Me to Be Psychic? Knowing When and What to Trigger Warn

I’m relieved I’m not alone in these thoughts! I’ve often gotten blind-sided by various people saying that something someone else wrote triggered this or that. I have my own set of triggers, and I simply have to deal with it. I appreciate if someone puts a warning if something contains harm to animals, because that’s my biggest one, but some of the less common triggers can be really tough to navigate, both for the one who is triggered and also for writers or others on social media. This was really refreshing to find and read 🙂 ❤

Aut of Spoons

CN: Rape, eating disorders, self harm

In a surprising turn of events, I’ve had two remarkably similar conversations in the last day in which kind, empathetic, earnest people expressed some confusion about things like trigger warnings/requests that certain types of information aren’t public. In one case, someone brought up the question of personal responsibility for emotions: each of us can’t be expected to anticipate the needs of the people around us. Isn’t it asking for just that when we recommend content notices or discretion around certain topics? Isn’t it foisting emotional labor on others to ask that they know these boundaries? Aren’t people just kind of sensitive and we should all learn a bit better how to look past upsetting comments?

In another case, someone expressed confusion about how to be consistent in anticipating others’ needs while still preserving the ability to have difficult conversations and real dialogue.

If these…

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