Autistic Exhaustion

This describes so beautifully and succinctly just what I have felt all my life, but for most of it, never realized it. No further words needed… 😊

Autism and Expectations

Being autistic brings various challenges and joys with it. I adore my hyper-focus and passions, but I loathe the inevitable misunderstandings and sensory bombardments.

I am a carefully balanced human. I know that things that won’t be stressors to other people will be problematic for me. I know that spending time in a group will be exponentially more difficult than spending time with people one-on-one. I know that I will always have to ‘perform’ to some extent, when I’m communicating with most non-autistic people.

When I am home, with no pressures upon me, I am energised and busy. My whole life is made up of projects of different kinds. I will have various things on the go; spreadsheets, DIY, wine-making, crafting, poetry, prose, gardening, art.

The idea that I am lazy or inactive seems anathema to who I truly am, and yet this was a label that stuck to me…

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