Relatability – Autistic Adults and Parents

An excellent and thoughtful analysis of the dynamic between non-autistic parents of autistic children, autistic parents, and autistic children. Fantastic (and successful) attempt to see all sides and break the situation down into its underlying elements 🙂 ❤


It occurred to me the other day, that allistic (non-autistic) parents mostly focus their conversations on the things that they relate to. This is also true of Autistic adults. Most people seem to focus primarily on the things that they relate most easily to, and this is logical to me.

Allistic parents don’t relate to their children’s experiences, they relate to the experiences of other allistic parents of Autistic children. So that’s what they talk about with each other. They talk about how hard it is for them, how they feel about it, and how they can get their children to do what they want their children to do because that’s how they were raised and that’s what’s normal and expected of children in our society.

Autistic adults who aren’t parents and don’t work with children, don’t seem to relate to the allistic parents’ experience of and feelings about…

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