I’m Not Who You Think I Am

This definitely describes me too! All my life. I also went through different persona stages/phases during different years in my life. Very exhausting indeed! You described it really well ❤️

An Autism Blog

Most people who have spent time with me describe me as sweet, mature, smart, silly, patient, and compassionate. As a child, adults would describe me as an “old soul”. In high school I was “a good girl”.

I shocked everyone when I turned up pregnant at the age of eighteen. And when I went to college I spent another two years letting off some steam. I partied and dabbled in different things like most young adults do. Then I mellowed out, got married, and became “a good girl” again.

The person that I really was, the autistic me, was always anxious and liked odd things that my peers didn’t. I was a deep thinker, passionate, and incredibly sensitive. I didn’t like to be hugged as much as I claimed to and had an obsession with organization and tidiness. Despite being told I was pretty, I didn’t really know what to…

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