Hi!  It’s me, Laina, from over at The Silent Wave.  😉  Since I began my journey, I have come across an entire galaxy of incredible writing from extremely talented Aspergian/autistic blog-writers.  This blog is intended to be a Gold/Platinum Collection of sorts, kind of like a Hall of Fame, in a way.

(Sometimes you’ll see a few older Silent Wave posts in here, too, but that’s merely to maximize their visibility for those who might benefit.  And I may also post comics, memes, and/or song videos and/or lyrics that I feel may be of good spectrum-friendly relevance.  Aside from that, this blog is my way of giving back to this fantastic community in the best way I know how.)

I was inspired by Devereaux over at An Aspergian’s Chemical Romance, who started the lovely Creative Writing Reblogged (aka Our True Origins).  I think it’s a beautiful idea and I wanted to join in.  😉

I’m still tweaking the layout and colors, so there might be a few changes over the first few weeks/months.

Love to all! ❤