An Aspies Guide To The Holidays

Some really useful tips in here!  Thank you for writing this 😊👍🏼

The Godless Iowan

A few weeks back I wrote a few tips from the atheist side of things and I thought that I might come back to this topic from another important aspect of my life, Autism. The holidays are both wonderful and horrifying to many of us on the spectrum. We love to give, to receive, to spend time with family but at the same time all of these things can cause us a lot of stress and anxiety. So without further ado, here are some tips for Aspies during the holidays.


1.) Know your exits

With the holidays come social gatherings and in any social gathering it is important to know your exits. If things get a bit to stressful, or you find yourself headed towards an overload head towards that exit. An exit isn’t meant to imply you are leaving but that you are heading off for a moment to…

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Concerning social anxiety and meltdowns…

This is one of the original posts on meltdowns I ever came across!  I helped me so much 👍🏼👍🏼😊💗

One Odd Duck

Recently, in an online group of adult aspies I belong to, meltdowns have been a topic of discussion. This is a very serious aspect of Asperger’s syndrome that can create tremendous social struggles. It is among the reasons some adult aspies fear to leave their homes. With the permission and encouragement of the other members of that group, I’m going to use some of the insights from that discussion, as well as my own experience, to help my readers understand meltdowns and how they relate to the social anxiety so many aspies experience.

I want to begin by defining what a meltdown is. According to Merriam-Webster, the definition that best fits what I am describing is “a breakdown of self-control (as from fatigue or overstimulation).” Notice that it does not reference autism or Asperger’s syndrome. I believe it is possible for anyone to experience a meltdown. As I told a…

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The Aspie Survival Guide: How To Survive The Holidays

Excellent tips!! Perfect timing, too! 😉👍🏼👍🏼💓

The Asian Aspergirl

Ah, it’s that time of the year again. Time to go shopping for presents, attending family reunions, and reconnecting with old friends. The Christmas holidays, and any holiday in particular is something truly special. However, along  stuffed bellies and awesome parties come along with the stresses of the season as well, from picking outfits to gift shopping, to preparing and hosting parties. For those on the spectrum, and for Aspies, the holidays can be overwhelming at times, and are very tiring. This can bring about meltdowns, shutdowns, and uncomfortable situations. So, as I sat planning how I would survive the holidays (which technically started in October, for me), I decided to compile my very own list on how to survive the holidays.

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Yes, this whole post 🙂  Wonderfully written ❤

Autism Psychology Spirituality

Is Honesty the best policy? I hear they say it is. People would rather you be honest than lie. I like honesty because it allows me to learn more about myself and be aware of things. At times I may not like the approach or the delivery of the honesty but I respect it.

This past week I’ve been very honest with a lot of people in my life. It’s seems that honesty from me is not what they’re use to hearing. Well I think it had everything to do with my delivery. I really haven’t been delivering my dose of honesty nicely. It’s because I’ve been frustrated and emotionally overwhelmed. When you’re everyone’s go to listening person, everyone dumps their stories onto you forgetting that you have feelings or maybe going through your own personal dilemmas.

Not one person truly asked me if I was okay and if I…

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Should I tell them?

Awesome post!  I’ve found myself in pretty much the exact same situation, with the exact same thoughts and dilemmas.  To disclose or not to disclose?  That is the question, for there is no “undo” button once the cat is out of the bag.  Excellent description of internal dialogue!   I can relate 😘❤️

Yinin's Thoughts

Today it’s felt like the universe has been giving me a sign to tell my new work I have Asperger’s/Autism.

I woke up and checked my emails with my WordPress updates. One of the first posts I saw was this one, someone else’s description of talking about thier Asperger’s/Autism at thier work. I also saw this one, about the latest episode of The Good Doctor, and thought “hm, that might be a good conversation starter…”

Then I got to work. Someone finally commented on my fidget cube, but it was a customer, not a colleague.

I went upstairs and was making small talk with the cleaning lady and she mentioned that her son has Autism.

We did a personality quiz ahead of some training tomorrow and I really struggled because the questions were so nonsensical and ridiculous. Examples include “what do you like more about beach holidays: the…

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Walking On Eggshells!

This is exactly how I feel much of the time!  You expressed it so well, so clearly.  My own irritation/”beefs” is/are not with individuals, but with the general, faceless masses, more the concepts and attitudes that seem to carry through–and persist in–society.  What gets unspokenly agreed upon.  Not by individuals, but as a whole.  Not people, but a milieu of ignorance, loudness, excesses, etc.  A mindset, in very general terms.  And yes, you’re not alone!  It annoys the crap out of me sometimes, too 😘.  I think I first recognized this when I was 7-9 years old.  Starting then, and ever since, people are in my way, whether physically or mentally.  Impeding me, “correcting” me, stifling me.  I always appreciate genuine helpful pointers and so on, but this is something different.  Hehe obviously your post resonated with me a whole lot (!).   Such a refreshing read! 👏👏👏💗