Undercover Autistic: on disclosing autism in the (academic) workplace

This is an especially fantastic post! 👏🏼👏🏼.  I love the strategies for allowing one’s natural autistic traits shine through, with excellent, succinct explanations for them that nonautistic people can understand fairly quickly.  *Great* post 😁❤️❤️

The Third Glance

Autistic – the word that I first heard applied to me my freshman year of college – it was weighted full of disdain, and I feared it. I feared it, knowing but little of the disorder I’d never really encountered, but had heard some very awful things about.

Autistic – the word that I learned more and more about, as I devoured everything I could read on the subject, which was just so utterly fascinating to me.

Autistic – the word that I learned explained the why of how I interacted with the world. The word that explained nearly everything that made me different from the people I was surrounded by.

Autistic – the word that gave me freedom from my fear and belief that I was just a completely broken person who would never succeed.

Autistic – the word that gave me power over myself and my environment.


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