I Wasn’t Alone (It Was An Aspie Dream)

Beautiful, my dear friend ❤ I hear you, I really do ❤ ❤

Musings Of An Autistic Mind

brokenWhat if I told you

I wasn’t alone

and I had been lying

to you like her

I like you

(I adore you)

You’re a good person

(You’re my everything)

I think I’ll see you soon

(I love you already)

The darkness peels back

as the fabrics fall off

silky skin

Clothing lies in a trail

of tears in wonder

at the perfection

of delicate sin

Naked ambition

in a provocative rendition

of Leonardo’s Mona Lisa

Perfect woman

meets searching eyes

is there one inch

that doesn’t incite delight

Staring into crystal balls

falling back into the black

as we reach the pinnacle

of this devious waltz

Bodies tangled

reaching the fantasy of gravity

and the peak of agony

as quickly as she comes

we go our separate ways

the lights come on

and I’m jolted awake in pain

because what if I also

told you it was a dream

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Left Alone With You

An absolute gem of a piece, from the very person who inspired the idea to start this blog.  Omg, beautiful!

Musings Of An Autistic Mind

light takes off

into the abyss of memory

dusk and dawn forget how to behave

and I’m left alone with you

skin shivering from the warmth

radiating from our veins

deep green eyes

are the lighthouse to the end

of loneliness with you

fresh scars spill old blood

bonding ties become undone

and bruises never tasted so sweet

as I’m left alone with you

pumpkin flavored breath

seduces the fabric of my being

I’ve fallen for another

as I’m left alone

with you

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A Spectrum of Color

Incredible piece!  Autistic people write the best poetry I’ve ever seen, and this is an utterly amazing one 🤝💟💫

So Much Stranger, So Much Darker, So Much Madder, So Much Better

There is no end to the spectrum

Nor a beginning or a middle

There is no more or less

Only autistic

The spectrum is a sphere

One to which we all belong

A circle of autism that exists

Outside the realm of the neurotypical

Each our own beautiful shade

A unique mix of autistic traits

All varying hues and colors

On the wheel of autism

It is a spectrum of color

One blending into the next

A shared heartbeat

That drives us forward

We, the autistics

Cannot be divided

By your arbitrary lines

Or your terms of functioning

We are united together

By shared experience and love

A community of the outsiders

Come together in kinship

The spectrum has no end

Nor beginning nor middle

It is a rainbow infinity sign

Uniting us as autistic

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This Is For The Aspies

Beautiful, beautiful piece.  I feel the raw, no-holds-barred honesty, the Inner Core shining through that will not–and should not–be silenced.  This piece, my dear one, is the very first post on my new Reblog site; after all, you were the original inspiration for the site itself ❤

Musings Of An Autistic Mind


(As of now, this is my favorite poem I’ve EVER written)

This is for the aspies

Locked way in their rooms

Drawing, writing, reading, singing

Trying to fight off the anxious meltdown

Sure to come soon

This is for the aspies

That couldn’t get homeschooled

And had to suffer in public school

I cant imagine what that was like

And if you got through, thank you, but it’s not right

This is for the aspies

Who wear the same outfit everyday

And flap their hands when excited

I see the stutters, stares, and stumbles

And I love it

Because this is for the aspies

That don’t get the recognition they deserve

I’ve seen the hands and heard the tongues that produce beautiful words

Works of science, art, and math

Or maybe something simple like just making their own path

This is for the aspies

You never see, but always find

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