Re: #ToSiriWithLove I actually blame the publisher

Wow!!  Fantastic post!  Rarely do I reblog from the same source in rapid succession, but grrrrrl, you’re on fire!  I love your balanced rationality and thorough explanation.  Stepping back, taking a deep breath, and looking at the facts (even when it’s tough to do so), and spelling them out so patiently in a piece that takes such an original point of view, providing such original information.  Bravo, amiga!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼💜💜

The One True Way™ Of Being Autistic

Yes!! Some of the same people who say they’re advocating diversity are sometimes those who actually stifle it. I’ve seen–and been on the receiving end–of tone-policing, especially by our own. It has to stop 💗💗

My Autistic Dance


Growing up autistic you get used to being told, “Don’t do that!” So what a relief when you get past all that, find other autistic folks, and finally get to be yourself! Am I right?


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Empathy, Morality, and Autism

I find this post fascinating and enjoyable!  I love how it balances (very well) a general perspective with that of a personal one 😊🌺🌺

An Intense World

While I generally disagree with those who claim that people with autism do not have empathy, when it comes to moral decision-making, empathy not only may not be necessary but, according to Jesse Prinz, may in fact get in the way.

I have read in various places that people on the spectrum tend to be very moral. At the same time, people have tended to think of empathy and morality as being closely related. How can one be highly moral and have low empathy? That was the conundrum those who argued that autistic have low empathy had to try to work out.

While I do not agree that people with autism lack empathy, I would agree that we/they have impaired empathy. Why that is is up for debate, though I’m of the opinion that a too-intense feeling drives us away from people, impairing its proper development. It may also…

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