On being Asian, Chinese and Autistic

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Dream Walden

When I travel to somewhere new, I prefer to immerse myself with the local people and culture, it doesn’t make sense that I should travel a long way to hang out with people from where I’m from. There were times where people found out I came from Singapore then told me they knew someone else from the same place and could introduce us, I would smile and muttered to myself, “thanks but no thanks.” I didn’t travel all the way to meet someone from where I came from, in fact, that’s the reason I left. In a similar vein, I avoid people from my culture or race, in particular, I try to stay out of my way from the stereotypical tourists who travel around in big groups. Is that discrimination? I admit, I discriminate loud and noisy people.

Let me clarify further, I do make friends with people from my place…

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Aspies are from Vulcan!

Honestly this is one of the coolest posts ever on Asperger’s 😁👏🏼👏🏼.  I’ve loved this piece ever since I first read it.  The hypothesis is delightful and extremely well-thought-out! 💚💙💜

Elephants Remember

Who out there loves Star Trek?!

I love Star Trek. It was my “special interest” when I was at school. I think there must have been an aspect of the self-containedness that appealed to me: restricted to one ship, a military hierarchy (if in somewhat idealised form) with rankings to dictate the boundaries of relationships, and a limited number of people contributed to a social construct that – unlike most soaps and dramas – I could actually understand. Things evolved slowly, relationships unfolding in a wonderfully simple and idealistic fashion. Voyager was my favourite, with it’s almost entirely closed system: particularly good for consistency. (Also, Captain Janeway. Who doesn’t want to be her?) I don’t watch it so much any more, but there’s a lot that stayed with me.

One of the great things about Star Trek is its characters. They’re multicoloured. All of them are strong, in their own…

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