Why I’m still upset about my ASD diagnosis

Yes 😊 This post sums up my struggles, too! It’s not so much the Asperger’s/autism that is the bad thing, it’s the lack of understanding that persists in a largely nonautistic world and especially the symptom-based medical and mental health fields. This very thorough post expresses so well the very real consequences of that lack of understanding. I know I’m preaching to the choir here, but this is really worth sharing! ❤️❤️

Discovering Autistic perspectives

Never in my life have I known someone to be so helpful, supportive, and generous!  This post says it all, giving a very clear snapshot of who this lovely soul is and what she does.  Always on the lookout, always respectful, always considerate, and always generous.  Her blog maintains the most comprehensive list of blogs written by actually-autistic people, frequently updated, and always inclusive.  One of my favorites, and definitely a site to bookmark for awesome exploring! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼❤️❤️

Actually Autistic Blogs List

Autistic blogs represent both diversity and commonality of Autistic perspectives. Below are suggestions for using the Actually Autistic Blogs List.

  1. The Autistic blogs search engine produces a Google search restricted to Autistic blogs. This can illustrate how Autistic people feel about a particular issue, movie, book, TV show, organization, institution, or person. For example, type “Atypical Netflix” or “Identity First” into the search bar to find out how Autistic people feel regarding the Netflix series “Atypical” or the issue of Identity-First vs. Person-First Language. If you recall reading something by an Autistic blogger but can’t find the link, this can aid finding it.
  2. Text searches can be used to find bloggers within a particular demographic or with specific co-occurring conditions.
  3. Find popular blogs (as determined by Alexa rank) listed near the top of the Actually Autistic Blogs List.
  4. Browse the alphabetical listing for appealing blog names.
  5. Find bloggers…

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Autism and the taboo of depression 

A very well-written post by The Aging Aspie (which is an all-around excellent blog!).  The thought I’d post this for Mental Health Monday.  🙂  ❤


The women who don’t know they’re autistic

There are some excellent thoughts in this post!  I admire its proactive sentiment and I agree with broadening the evaluation process to accurately “catch” more females 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼💖

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Fabienne Cazalis, École des Hautes Études en sciences sociales (EHESS)

This article was co-written by Adeline Lacroix, who works with Fabienne Cazalis and was recently diagnosed with Asperger syndrome. A second year master’s student in psychology, she is working on a scientific literature review about the characteristics of high-functioning autistic women.

Let’s call her Sophie. The description we’ll give could be that of any woman who is on the autistic spectrum without knowing it. Because they’re intelligent and used to compensating for communication impediments they may not be consciously aware of, these women slip through the cracks of our still-too-inefficient diagnostic procedures.

Studies reveal one woman for every nine men is diagnosed with so-called “high-functioning” autism, that is, autism without intellectual disability. If we compare this to the one woman for every four men diagnosed with the more readily identified “low-functioning” autism, we can easily imagine many…

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When only autism will do.

Another post I have always loved, since the day it was written!  So beautifully expressed.  Sonia is an incredible writer; I knew it would only be a matter of time before she got Freshly Pressed (which she did, on a different post).  A must-read! ❤️