Me too.

Hi!  You are right where I was a year and about 8 months ago.  I found out that I’m autistic/an Aspie when I was 38.5.  I felt much like you do ❤️   You are not alone 💞💞

A Different Neurotribe

I learned last week that I too have autism spectrum disorder.  I say me too as two of my children have a diagnosis.

I feel blown away, I can see the massive wind cloud in my head blowing me over literally!

How can a woman get to their mid thirties before anyone noticed?

I am still the same person who went into that appointment, nothing has changed, I am still me.

Why does it feel so heavy then?

Now I see a massive anvil above a tiny me waiting to crush me.

Does everyone see pictures in their head like I do?

I don’t know how I feel, angry? Maybe a little, maybe a lot, all thoes times I screwed up, I have some major colossal screw ups in my past, or put myself in danger, I took foolish risks, huge risks, I didn’t see the dangers, perhaps the hardest…

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