The Aspie Survival Guide: How To Survive The Holidays

Excellent tips!! Perfect timing, too! 😉👍🏼👍🏼💓

The Asian Aspergirl

Ah, it’s that time of the year again. Time to go shopping for presents, attending family reunions, and reconnecting with old friends. The Christmas holidays, and any holiday in particular is something truly special. However, along  stuffed bellies and awesome parties come along with the stresses of the season as well, from picking outfits to gift shopping, to preparing and hosting parties. For those on the spectrum, and for Aspies, the holidays can be overwhelming at times, and are very tiring. This can bring about meltdowns, shutdowns, and uncomfortable situations. So, as I sat planning how I would survive the holidays (which technically started in October, for me), I decided to compile my very own list on how to survive the holidays.

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Why I’m still upset about my ASD diagnosis

Yes 😊 This post sums up my struggles, too! It’s not so much the Asperger’s/autism that is the bad thing, it’s the lack of understanding that persists in a largely nonautistic world and especially the symptom-based medical and mental health fields. This very thorough post expresses so well the very real consequences of that lack of understanding. I know I’m preaching to the choir here, but this is really worth sharing! ❤️❤️

A Letter of Encouragement and Support

This is so wonderful 💗💗. So much encouragement, support, and wisdom here! Beautifully and compassionately written 💝💝


To my Dear Neurosiblings (and to myself, as well),

It is courageous to respect your needs.

It requires immense strength to be able to admit that you need more support. Making accommodations for yourself or requesting them from others is a difficult task, at best. It can feel insurmountable at worst. It can feel like failure to slow down or change plans (even temporarily), but it is not. It is success!

It is the opposite of weakness to recognize that you’re struggling and to take supportive action so that you can better succeed in your chosen endeavor.

You are you. You are worthy as yourself. You are lovable and you are capable.

To manage our lives and reach our goals we all must also replenish. To accomplish this we must accept ourselves and recognize our struggles. We must work with our abilities, not against them. We can’t change who we…

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